Mecasa Muzik

Collaborative Musical Studio Sessions:

Mission: As artists we must remember the purpose that lead us to this musical journey and not stray from the path, awareness that there is enough greatness for everyone and we can grow even better and faster together as a unit is the goal of the studio

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Dj Lindsey Bell founded MeCasa Muzik summer of 2015 to launch during ArtBasel December 2, 2015 for the sole purpose to provide a venue and production studio for Dj's & Producers to collaborate and perform in an intimate setting.

She has been a part of the Miami industry for the past 15 years. After becoming one of Miami's top electronic dance performers, Lindsey was easily chosen to dance at the top electronic music festivals in the world, from Ultra to Global Gathering, Ibiza, Keeven's preforming group, and cameo appearances in many CD jewel cases from Global Underground to Filo and Perry live CD disc set, she did not miss an event for the past 11 years! SHE WAS THE ROOM!

Lindsey Bell has played in several after hours clubs in the Miami circuit from, Twilight, DiscoTekka, Indra, MEKKA, Forbidden, and a guest for the SHOW ME MIAMI party that follows the space terrace on Sundays.

Playing recently at Riches, Hughes Hanger Houston, Fate at Gulfstream, Nest, and traveling to Toronto, Detriot, Houston and Amsterdamn.  

DJ Lindsey Bell welcomes you to become a member of this collaborative scene, MeCasa Muzik, in the renowned Arts District of Miami - Wynwood. 

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